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Second Chance Athletics offers fitness plans, 1-on-1 personal training and group bootcamps to guide you towards losing weight, building muscle and reclaiming your health.

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All-In-One Fitness

We bring all of your progress to one place, workouts, macros, measurements and more.


Workouts Made Simple

Easily create workouts, and see our suggestions based on your fitness goals.


Unlimited Tutorials

Watch free workouts as many times as you like, and get tips to help improve your health.

Result-Driven Workouts

Result-Driven Workouts

All the workouts offered are designed to drive results safely and reliably.

All workouts are personally crafted and tested to make sure that you are effectively working out the muscle or muscle groups with proper technique so that you are able to gain the maximum results and reach your personal fitness goals.

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What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Fitness Journey Today

Second Chance Athletics helps you start your fitness journey to losing weight or building muscle with the best workouts and fitness plans.

Download Your 4-Day Jumpstart Start Changing Your Life

Getting Started With Second Chance Athletics

Pick The Right Training Package For Your Goals

We've built out a number of workout fitness plans for a number of different types of fitness & health goals, from losing weight and putting on muscle to booty sculpting and developing a v-shape upper body.

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Fitness Plans For Your Fitness Goals
Fitness Plans For Your Goals

Setup Your Schedule & Review Fitness Plan

Once you've purchased a fitness plan, we'll then be able to calculate your macros based on your current and future fitness goals.

Afterwards, you can see the schedule of the fitness plan you choose and start planning on when you'll want to start and finish as well as rearranging your personal schedule to fit in the workouts.

Determine Check-Ins & Measurements

All personal training comes with a weekly check-in to monitor your progress, share best advice on workout techniques and have conversations around how you are and your new lifestyle is aligning with your fitness goals.

During these check-ins, we'll also update your measurements, capture a progress photo and make sure to make any adjustments necessary to your fitness plan so that you keep moving forward.

Fitness Check-Ins & Measurements
Share Your Fitness Progress And Results

Share Your Progress And Results

The best part about taking on fitness goal is being able to share your progress and your new look once you've accomplished your goal.

Josh Hines

Who Is Josh Hines

Josh Hines started Second Chance Athletics in 2019 after going through a fitness transformation of his own and wanting to share his methods with those who were looking to do the same. Josh approaches health from a holistic view and contributes his transformation to managing three areas of his life; physical, nutritional and emotional. By focusing on these three areas of your life, you are able to reclaim your life and reach your fitness goals.

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Start Your 1-1 Training Today And Change Your Life

From workouts to personalized fitness plans and personal training, you'll discover the best ways to stay on top of all fitness and health goals.

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The 4-day jumpstart program was created for someone who has just decided to start working towards a fitness goal. This program helps you to set a good foundation so that you know exactly where you are and are able to take your next step towards achieving your goal.