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Meet The Founder

Josh Hines

Josh Hines

Welcome to Second Chance Athletics, my name is Josh Hines and I founded this company in 2019. I hope that you enjoy the workouts, the community and the encouragement I try to offer every single day.

Thank You For Visiting

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out Second Chance Athletics.

I started this company in 2019 after going through a personal transformation myself.

In 2014 I weighed in around 160 lbs. By 2018, from a combination of stress, not eating right, not sleeping enough and really burning the candle at both ends, as the expression goes, I put on nearly 60 lbs and topped out at 211 lbs and 24% PBF.

It's crazy how sometimes over a long stretch of time of grinding and trying to survive this world, we forget about the one thing that's most important, our bodies.

We go about our lives acting like we are going to live forever and that no matter what we do, our bodies will just maintain.

I found out the hard way, that's not true.

Making A Lifestyle Change

It was really the beginning of 2019 that I really thought about making a lifestyle change in my own life.

I went from sleeping maybe 4-5 hours a night, eating mainly fast food and not working out to eating mainly a Paleo diet, making sure I got at least 7 hours of sleep and working out 5 days a week.

In that time, consistently, I was able to drop weight and fat for six months straight and got my weight down to 184 and 14.6% PBF.

What Came Next

After dropping the weight myself and actually enjoying

  • The time I spent at the gym
  • Learning workout techniques
  • Discovering nutrition plans
  • Understanding how to better control my emotional responses to stress and anxiety

I thought it would be an awesome time to start my own personal training program and partner with nutritionists to deliver an amazing experience for anyone who is looking to transform and reclaim their lives as well.

Goals & Expectations

My goals and expectations for Second Chance Athletics are to share with anyone that every single day you wake up in the morning you are being given a second chance to live better than you did the day before.

It is my goal to provide:

  • Simple-to-follow Workouts
  • Fitness Plans
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Emotional Awareness Tips

so that no matter what life throws at you, you are physically, mentally and emotionally ready to stand your ground.

I really hope that you are able to find the workouts you enjoy and allow you to start transforming your own life, that you are encouraged to keep moving forward even when it's tough and that you are able to reclaim your life and move forward into victory after victory.

-- Founder Josh Hines

My Personal Values

I feel like personal values are largely overlooked these days, a lot of people don't seem to stand for much these days or hold themselves to a standard. Personally, I try to live by the following 5 values and I am consistently trying to improve on each of them daily.

  • 01. Transparency & Authenticity

    I believe the best ways to help people all around you is by living a transparent and authentic lifestyle. Too often we see people sharing one thing on social media but behind the scenes they are a mess. If I am having a bad day, I'm going to share it but I am also going to share with you my reaction and how to handle the things I've gone though, often times more than once, so that you don't make the same mistakes I do.

  • 02. Empower Others

    I love sitting down with people and listening to their struggles and goals they want to obtain in their lives and then working with them to create a plan and help them to stay encouraged along the journey. It's only if we are transparent and authentic with those struggles and where we currently are though, that we can discover what the next step is.

    I love sitting down with people and telling them everything they need to accomplish their goals, they already have. That they simply need to believe in themselves and be resourceful and they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to with enough time.

  • 03. Consistently Improving

    I am one of those type of people who is never satisfied with the status que. I love challenging this is the way it's always been and always making a point to sponge anything and everything that can help myself and those around me.

    I make a point every year to read books, binge YouTube channels, attend conferences and pray about ways I can help those around me.

  • 04. Massive Contribution

    I once listened to a Tony Robbins live event where he shared that the most satisfaction and happiness comes from giving and I really resonated with that.

    Even if you don't have the money or experience there is always a way to give, it could be as simple as sitting down with someone and just listening to them, their struggles, their dreams, their hopes and giving them a chance to be heard.

    We live in such a "busy" world, just giving your time and undivided attention to someone, often times, is more than enough.

    The missions I have lived since 2012 was simple, at one point in my life when I was really struggling, I was anxious, I was depressed, I was losing hope by the second, I remember praying and asking God, "if you help me get through this, I'll help anyone you put in front of me however I can."

    From that moment forward, I've had this unstoppable drive to sponge and learn everything I can so that anyone who comes in front of me I can help them somehow, even if it simply means, just listening.

  • 05. Community Builder

    Most of my life I've always felt like I was on my own. I felt like I had to learn everything the hard way through trying and failing and I always wanted someone to mentor me or come alongside me to teach me things but I always seemed to have to figure things out on my own.

    Because of this, like the massive contribution above, I've always made a point to look for the outsides, the misfits as Steve Jobs would call them, and make a point to try to figure out what their interests and goals are and seeing how to bring them in the inside.

    I know what it's like to feel lonely, to have a million thoughts and worries on my mind and not have anyone to talk to or share them with, I don't want people to feel like that, I want them to feel like they are a part of something and that they belong and are heard.

My Personal 2019 Goals

Every year during the last few weeks of December I take a point to go through Darren Hardy's Living Your Best Year Ever and create ten goals in 8 areas of my life including: business, financial, physical, mental, family, spiritual, lifestyle and relationships.

  • 01 Business. Launch Second Chance Athletics

    I want to launch Second Chance Athletics before the end of 2019 so that I can full throttle in 2020.

    Every year I did Jon Gordon's One Word That Will Change Your Life and my word for this year was Launch.

    It's my goal to launch this company and build a foundation to build upon in 2020.

    In order to launch this properly I am actively completing my certifications for personal training through National Academy of Sports Medicine and nutrition through Precision Nutrition.

    I've also made a point to binge countless research, engaged with local trainers and nutritionists as well as therapist and built an app so that you can keep track of your entire fitness journey.

  • 02 Physical. Reach 12% PBF

    At the end of 2018 I was 211 lbs and 24% PBF.

    I went from being 160 most of my life to in three years from a mix of stress, not eating right, not sleeping right and really just not paying attention to how in the world did I get here, exhausted all the time and didn't have a lot of clarity in my life.

    The first step to this goal was first making a decision that I could no longer live like this. I needed to make a change. And I needed to make it now.

    Afterwards, I made a point to binge countless YouTube channels such as Dr. Josh Axe and Thomas DeLauer learning about all the different meal plans there are out there, finding a workout routine and then making sure to regulate my emotions and sleep more.

    This goal is what actually birthed Second Chance Athletics because I learned so much and wanted to share it with everyone.

    Health really is wealth and when you are able to take care of your body, everything else is so much easier.

    As of September 2019, I was 14.6% PBF and 184 lbs.

  • 03 Physical. Complete A Spartan Race

    If you haven't heard of Spartan races it's okay. But if you have, aroo aroo aroo.

    I completed my first Spartan in 2019 as a team building exercise at work.

    We went through a Sprint with 21 people and wouldn't go to the next obstacle until everyone was completed with the previous, it took us 4.5 hours.

    During the Sprint the only two events I was unable to complete was the Rope Climb and Multi Rig.

    Needless to say, I wanted to see how fast I could get through one if I was by myself so I registered to run another Sprint.

    I went from running Fayetteville, NC with an elevation of maybe 250 ft to running in Asheville, NC with an elevation change of over 2,000 ft.

    I finished the race in 1:26 completing all obstacles including the Rope Climb, Multi Rig and Tire Flip but failed the Spear Throw this round, ugh!

    I will be going for my Trifecta next year in 2020.

  • 04 Relationships. Find Joy In My Own Life

    This year was a tough one for the love boat. I went from being in a relationship of 5 years to being single. It was a tough one..... but enough of the sappyness.

    This goal is about finding joy in my own life and discovering more of myself and what I enjoy doing and how I want to help those around me.

    Over the last 7 years, I've spent more and more time not worrying about what others expected of my life and more on what I actually want out of my life, this has brought a lot of peace in my life and my goal here is to only enhance this further.

  • 05 Lifestyle. Take A Trip Out West And Go Hiking

    A couple years ago I took a road trip with two of my friends where we drove from Raleigh, NC to Colorado Springs, CO. Way too much driving but it was so much fun being out there and exploring the mountains, rivers, and Garden of Gods.

    My goal for this year is first not to drive out there again but fly out and explore more of the west, this is still in the planning phase but am thinking Arches National Park in Grand County, Utah or Horseshoe Bend in Flagstaff, AZ.

  • 06 Family. Call A Family Member Each Week

    A few years ago my grandmother went through heart surgery with a 50% chance of survival. She came out of surgery but was diagnosed with dementia and has forgotten who most of her family is.

    It really hit me hard, she was the person I always went to when I was going through hard times as a kid and even into college.

    Life is short and our family isn't going to be there forever. Taking time out of your schedule to just call them, considering I live 8 hours from most of family, means a lot to them and helps me to stay connected with those who raised me.

  • 07 Mental. Binge Everything Business, Fitness And Life

    I love learning. I would consider myself an autodidact because most of what I use today in my career and in life has just been me being curious, asking lots of questions and then searching out the answers.

    I am also one of those people who may take a little bit of time to make a big decision but once I do I dive head first and get tunnel vision around my goals and ideas, diving deep and consuming anything I can find.

    On a marketing and business side, I have learned how to write PHP code, Javascript, MySQL and understand SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and automation, content marketing, video marketing and all sorts of other tactics, all of which have been learned without a teacher but me simply doing searches online, reading books and sponging entire YouTube channels as well as TedTalk Channels.

    All the marketing, this website and anything else you receive from Second Chance Athletics, I have personally designed and created myself, I outsourced only the app.

  • 08 Spiritual. Join A Men's Group At Church

    I started attending church in 2011. I had a crazy upbringing and crazier life when I went to college where I got caught up in alcohol and drugs.

    It wasn't until I started attending church that I really had any self-worth and sense of meaning and purpose for my life.

    I really believe the fastest growth comes from surrounding yourself with people who have a growth mindset and church groups are usually a good place to start where you'll be challenged and grow as a person.

  • 09 Financial. Save For House Down Payment

    I've been renting for a while now and want to get my own place so I can get a dog and really design the place for my style and taste.

    You'll see in most of my videos that I enjoy clean lines, modern designs, and a darker color pallete but when you live in an apartment there are only so many things you can do or change.

  • 10 Financial. Eliminate Debt By 2020

    I've been following the Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps for the past year and have built up quite the snowball.

    It's my ultimate goal to pay off all my debt by 2020 and then start investing in real estate, buying smaller rental properties and then building up cash flow to purchase larger rental properties.

    My grandfather shared with me his process of purchasing rental properties and then using them to fuel his retirement and I want to work the same plan he did, first step, getting rid of school debt.

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