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Published on October 01, 2019

What's On Your Garbage List

Josh Hines

Josh Hines

What's On Your Garbage List

What Do You Know You Do But Shouldn't

Written on October 01, 2019 • 2 Minute Read • Comments

These are behaviors you know are total "garbage" for your health, sanity, and well-being-but you do them anyway. Everyone's got a few and most of us know what they are but what's on your list that you know if I keep doing this, things aren't going to chan

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It's Time To Clean House

I'm going to wide-open, my garbage list consist of:

  • Potato chips, especially salt & vinegar
  • Ice cream, especially chocolate fudge brownie
  • Pizza, especially Papa John's Meat Lovers
  • Sour candy, especially sour patch kids and sour skittles

Now that I've listed those, I want to apologize if that just triggered you and now you want to run to the grocery store to stock up.

What is important though, is realizing what your garbage list is and if you really want to limit or not eat these foods, the real secret is, don't buy them.

I Literally Avoid Certain Aisles In The Grocery Store

The easiest way to change your eating habits is by not allowing those foods to be in your home.

It's the same as someone who has an addiction, the best way to help someone get better is by removing themselves from an environment or removing the access of certain items from their environment.

Remove the temptation.

Sometimes You Just Want Those Foods

I think the hardest part about these foods is often the association we have with them.

When we are going through tough times, there are always those foods we crave that make us "feel" better.

A Harvard Study actually did find a correlation between high-fat and high-sugar foods and stress relief.

They found that high levels of cortisol, a chemical released when you are stressed, is often reduced with high-insulin being dropped into your system from fat and sugar.

The problem with this fix is it's only temporary, you might feel good for a moment, but then afterwards, you're going to feel those same feelings again and what you do is eat more.

It's a very dangerous loop.

Break The Cycle

The next time you feel stressed I want to encourage you not to stress eat.

Instead, as tough as it is, work through what is causing you stress or discomfort.

Other ways to reduce stress is through mediation, working out, talking with a therapist or reaching out to your friends and family and asking them for help.

The most important thing about dealing with stress is not trying to work through it on your own or coping with it through stress eating or other destructive means.

Josh Hines

About The Author: Josh Hines

Josh Hines is the founder of Second Chance Athletics. Having a background in marketing for most of his career, it was in 2018 that he decided he wanted to take everything he knew about business and start his own personal training business.

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