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Published on October 01, 2019

How To Determine Your Next Steps

Josh Hines

Josh Hines

How To Determine Your Next Steps

Knowing Where To Start

Written on October 01, 2019 • 2 Minute Read • Comments

Sometimes when we first set out to accomplish a new goal and we are aiming for the moon, sometimes, it's hard to know where to start in order to achieve your dreams. Follow these four steps and figure out your next step towards success.

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Figure Out Your Next Step

I've always used the same process to accomplish the goals I've set for myself, whether they be getting a better job, buying a new car, losing weight or getting out of debt, these four steps will help you to figure out what your first step should be.

One quick note to mention, when working towards a new goal or your dream, there isn't a single one size fits all approach.

Because we are all unique and have different pasts, families, cultures and many other differences, what I would choose for my first step towards a goal, might not be the same step you choose.

It makes no difference as to what step you choose as long as you make a decision to choose and then take action.

Inaction Is What Keeps You Stuck

Most dreams aren't realized and brought into reality because of inaction.

We look at our dreams and think to ourselves they are too impossible to achieve, we don't know where to start or we are so afraid of failure and not taking the right steps that we paralyze ourselves and do nothing.

If you talk to anyone who has ever achieved anything, you will quickly realize they failed hundreds of times before they were able to succeed.

The secret is not thinking you took the wrong steps or that your goal isn't possible, it's in those moments you reevaluate what happened and then choose another step and try again.

My Four Step Process To Determining My Next Step

Here is my simple four-step process to figuring out what I should do next to achieve my goals and dreams.

Setting Your Fitness Goal

First off you need to make sure you have a specific goal in mind with a deadline and ways to measure your progress.

What Can You Do This Month

Once you have that goal in mind, ask yourself, "What's one big action I could take this month to accomplish this goal this month?

What Can You Do This Week

Now that you have a monthly action, ask yourself, "What's one big action I could take this week to accomplish this monthly action?

What Can You Do Today

Now that you have a weekly action, ask yourself, "What's one big action I could take today to accomplish this weekly action?

Keep Moving Forward

Often times, the reason we don't take any action is because our goals are big and that's good.

But it's not until we break down the goal into smaller action steps that we are able to act.

each day complete this four-step process, each day, week and month updating your action steps until you accomplish your big goal!

What is your big goal and today's action? Share your next step in the comments.

Josh Hines

About The Author: Josh Hines

Josh Hines is the founder of Second Chance Athletics. Having a background in marketing for most of his career, it was in 2018 that he decided he wanted to take everything he knew about business and start his own personal training business.

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Hey, I'm Josh Hines. I'm hyper-focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals, the only question is, will they be your fitness goals?

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About Josh Hines

Josh Hines started Second Chance Athletics in 2019 after going through a fitness transformation of his own and wanting to share his methods with those who were looking to do the same. Josh approaches health from a holistic view and contributes his transformation to managing three areas of his life; physical, nutritional and emotional. By focusing on these three areas of your life, you are able to reclaim your life and reach your fitness goals.

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Make 2020 Your Year

Hey, I'm Josh Hines. I'm hyper-focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals, the only question is, will they be your fitness goals?

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