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Published on October 01, 2019

How To Get Started With A New Fitness Goal

Josh Hines

Josh Hines

How To Get Started With A New Fitness Goal

Setting The Right Fitness Goal

Written on October 01, 2019 • 3 Minute Read • Comments

When you just first start working out it's hard to create a great goal that motivates you to stay focused and on track when it gets tough. Learn how to get started and create the perfect fitness goal that will inspire you to always move forward.

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There Is Power In Clarity

A lot of times when you ask someone who is starting their new fitness challenge what their goal is they'll say something like, "I want to lose weight."

Although losing weight is awesome, that simple goal isn't going to be a big enough reason when it gets tough to keep moving forward.

Start With Why

In Simon Sinek's book Start With Why, he shares that people are inspired more on why you are doing what you are doing than how or what you are doing.

It's the same thing when setting a fitness goal.

Digging Deep

You know as well as I do that when you are starting a new fitness challenge or going on a diet there is something way under the surface that is driving this.

Whether it be to fit in, you feel ugly, you're tired of being judged by those around you, you want to win the girl or guy over and many others, when most people start a weight loss journey, it's not because they just want to lose weight.

So why then are we setting a fitness goal as simple as "I want to lose weight"?

Setting The Right Goal

The next time you think about starting a new fitness program or diet first ask yourself, "Why am I really doing this"?

Maybe you want to feel more confident, you want to feel better, you want to look better, you want to be healthy so you can spend time with your kids and see your grandkids, there are a million things you could list here.

Be honest with yourself.

What is it you really want to achieve?

Once you can be clear about that, then you can create a better goal.

The Goal Isn't To Lose Weight

See the goal has never been to lose weight.

We just think that in order to achieve one of the items listed above, losing weight must be our goal.

I'm not saying losing weight won't help but first you need to realize what you really want and why you want it.

Afterwards, you can then write the real goal of I want to

  • Feel more confident
  • Feel better and have more energy
  • Look better
  • Be healthy so you can spend time with my family

Now Create An Action Plan

After you have the real goal, then one of the next steps might be to take on a fitness transformation, change your diet and manage your emotions better.

Or it could be none of those and really it just means you need to start thinking and seeing yourself differently and love yourself more instead of constantly judging yourself.

But as you can see, these are merely steps to achieving the real goal, not the goal itself.

What are you really trying to achieve? What is your goal? Share it in the comments below.

Josh Hines

About The Author: Josh Hines

Josh Hines is the founder of Second Chance Athletics. Having a background in marketing for most of his career, it was in 2018 that he decided he wanted to take everything he knew about business and start his own personal training business.

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Hey, I'm Josh Hines. I'm hyper-focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals, the only question is, will they be your fitness goals?

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About Josh Hines

Josh Hines started Second Chance Athletics in 2019. Josh approaches health from a holistic view and contributes his transformation to managing three areas of his life; physical, nutritional and emotional. By focusing on these three areas of your life, you are able to reclaim your life and reach your fitness goals.

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Make 2020 Your Year

Hey, I'm Josh Hines. I'm hyper-focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals, the only question is, will they be your fitness goals?

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