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Published on October 01, 2019

What Is Your Motivation Style

Josh Hines

Josh Hines

What Is Your Motivation Style

What Keeps You Moving Forward

Written on October 01, 2019 • 2 Minute Read • Comments

When setting your goals it is important that you understand your motivation style because if you choose the wrong motivation, it could halt you right in your tracks.

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Everyone has a different way to motivate and inspire them to keep moving forward, whether it be listening to music, having an accountability partner or writing down and keeping track of your goals.

When you break down motivation though, it usually comes down to you trying to accomplish one of these two items:

  • Maximizing Pleasures
  • Reducing Problems

Which Motivation Style Are You

With maximizing pleasures you are all about creating big goals with even bigger rewards.

You are the work hard, play harder type.

You put in the long hours because you know at the other side of your goals and tasks are things you are really looking forward to.

On the contrary, if you are about reducing problems, you are all about making sure that what you do isn't going to fall apart.

You look in the future and try to think about all the things that could go wrong and then take actions to ensure that they don't happen.

You work harder not because of the rewards but because you want to reduce the number of problems that could arise if you took life easy.

Your Motivation Is Your Guide

Depending on your motivation style, you want to make sure you work the right way.

If you tell yourself I won't have this problem if I do this but really are motivated by rewards, having that problem solved doesn't do much for you.

Likewise, if you set a reward for accomplishing a goal that says you can go on a vacation but knowing so you already start to think about all the problems that you still need to fix, you probably are setting the wrong goals.

My Personal Motivation Style

I used to be one who always focused on reducing problems.

I used to deal with a lot of anxiety and would have thousands of doomsday scenerios I would always run through my head trying to figure out all the things I would do in order to make it so those problems wouldn't happen.

Over the years however, I have made a change to focusing more on maximizing pleasure.

I've come to realize that most of these problems I had running through my head really never came true and for me it was a waste of time wasting so much energy trying to solve all these problems instead of focusing on what I really enjoyed.

Now, it's not like I just stopped paying attention to the problems in my life and just ignored them, I instead gave them the proper weight and priority in my life but instead focus more of my time and energy in achieving my goals and what really makes me happy and feel alive.

What is your motivation style? Leave your style in the comments below.

Josh Hines

About The Author: Josh Hines

Josh Hines is the founder of Second Chance Athletics. Having a background in marketing for most of his career, it was in 2018 that he decided he wanted to take everything he knew about business and start his own personal training business.

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Hey, I'm Josh Hines. I'm hyper-focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals, the only question is, will they be your fitness goals?

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About Josh Hines

Josh Hines started Second Chance Athletics in 2019 after going through a fitness transformation of his own and wanting to share his methods with those who were looking to do the same. Josh approaches health from a holistic view and contributes his transformation to managing three areas of his life; physical, nutritional and emotional. By focusing on these three areas of your life, you are able to reclaim your life and reach your fitness goals.

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Make 2020 Your Year

Hey, I'm Josh Hines. I'm hyper-focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals, the only question is, will they be your fitness goals?

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