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The 4-Day Jumpstart

Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey Into High Gear

The 4-day jumpstart program was created for someone who has just decided to start working towards a fitness goal. This program helps you to set a good foundation so that you know exactly where you are and are able to take your next step towards achieving your goal.

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Take The First Step Towards Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Jumpstart Day One

Cleaning House

  • The best way to change your life is by changing the environment in which you live in
  • Create reminders and positivity in your home to keep you focused on your goals
  • Remove distractions and barriers that are keeping you stuck or holding you back
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Jumpstart Day Two

Tracking Your Nutrition

  • Track your health using an app that will show you your current nutrition situation
  • Learn that nutrition isn't drastic diets or massive calorie reductions, nutrition is a lifestyle
  • Find a nutrition plan that you enjoy and allows you to enjoy the flavors and craving you like
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Jumpstart Day Three

Assessing Your Current Situation

  • Determine where you currently and physically and set healthy goals to push your limits
  • Finding a fitness plan that will allow you to reach and exceed your fitness goals in less than a year
  • Understanding different workout programs such as 3-day splits, progressive overloading, alternating periodization and HITT workouts
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Jumpstart Day Four

Creating New Healthy Habits

  • Learning how to find time and building your workouts into your life and schedule
  • How to stay motivated when you don't really want to workout or feeling stuck or defeated
  • How to build momentum and use it to drive you faster and more effectively towards your goals
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Download this 4-day jumpstart guide and start moving towards achieving your fitness goals today.

Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey Into High Gear


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