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The Wheel Of Life

Where Do You Focus Most Of Your Time And Energy

The Wheel of Life breaks your life into 8 sections and shows you, via your response to questions, how you have currently prioritized your life and what areas might need a little more time and attention.

Take The Life Assessment

How Well Are You Doing With Your Life

This life assessment is designed to help you see how your current life is balanced. The more honest you are with yourself, the more likely you will be able to change your life and achieve your goals. Rate each of the 8 areas of your life on a scale of 1-10, 10 bring the hightest.

Family & Friends

Family and friends are very important to our growing and maturing as they will refine and pull things out of you that you may have not seen in yourself. When ranking your friend and family things to think about include:

  • How much focused time do you spend with family and friends
  • How often do you get together
  • You have forgiven all those close to you
  • Do you look for ways to help them succeed in life
  • You trust and are honest with those close to you
  • You stick to the commitments you've made with family and friends
  • You seek their advice and help

Fitness & Health

I once read the quote, "Health is Wealth." Most people destroy their bodies in the hopes of gaining success and fame only to lose it all recovering when their body fails. Make sure you take care of your body, it's the only one you have.

  • I do strength training 3 times a week
  • I do cardio exercise 3 times a week
  • During a typical day, I don't watch more than 1 hour of TV
  • I eat three meals every day of the week
  • I never eat fast food
  • I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night
  • I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day

Mission & Impact

In life we always need something that is challenging us and making us become a better version of ourselves, whether that be our callings, a purpose or values we want to uphold each and every day. Something needs to be pulling us to become more.

  • I organize and plan my day the night before
  • I have written my goals down and placed them somewhere I can see them every day
  • I love what I do every day, I don't wake up each morning dreading the day
  • I feel like my current job has a positive impact on my life and those around me
  • Each day I am able to look back on the day and see things I feel I have accomplished
  • My current job has the potential of providing the finances necessary to meet my current financial goals
  • My current job has the potential of providing the finances necessary to meet my 10 years goals

Wealth Creation

Your main focus in life shouldn't be to just make lots of money, but money will always have a huge influence on what you are able to do in your life. Learning to save and planning for the future will be all the difference between a successful life and a tough one.

  • I have a monthly budget setup that I stick to regularly
  • I have sat down with a financial planner and created a diverse portfolio
  • I am able to save 10% each month in a savings account
  • I am credit card and debt free
  • I have a six-month emergency fund setup and completely funded
  • I have a will and a plan setup in the case of my death for my family
  • I live below my means, I don't spend more money than I make

Spiritual Growth

Personally, the moment I started walking in my spirituality my entire life changed. We were not created to serve ourselves, and the more we tap into this, the more we find ourselves loving those around us.

  • I consider myself a spiritual person
  • I take at least 30 minutes each day to meditate or pray
  • I have a personal relationship with my spiritual source
  • I study/read my spiritual beliefs
  • I practice/teach my beliefs to others daily
  • I use my spirituality to help myself
  • I use my spirituality to help others

Growth & Learning

The moment you stop learning, I believe you start to die. Being a continual learner will allow you to always gain in value and understand yourself more so you can help and serve others more effectively.

  • I read something educational or inspiring every day for 30 minutes
  • I listen to something educational or inspiring every day for 30 minutes
  • I seek instruction or advice every day in my field
  • I have a mentor who I trust and meet with weekly
  • I review my top goals every day
  • I reflect each night on what I was grateful for that day
  • I know how to say no to things that don't align with my top goals

Lifestyle & Hobby

Real life balance happens outside of your full-time job. To ensure you are living a full life make sure you hobbies and are living a life outside the confines of your office.

  • I have hobbies outside of work that I enjoy at least 3 times a week
  • I take at least one vacation a year without work communications
  • I spend time with my family every day
  • I am able to hang out with my friends at least once a week
  • I seek new things to try once a month
  • I take time to dream and live life to the fullest each day
  • I am present in each day, I don' dwell on the past or the future

Relationships & Marriage

A personal relationship and marriage are probably some of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Who you decide to marry has a huge influence on who you become in the future and what goals you are able to achieve.

  • I am best friends with my significant other
  • I feel like I have a deep connection and can trust and be honest with my significant other
  • I spend at lease 10 hours every week focused on communicating with my significant other
  • I don't feel pressured to be someone that I am not with my significant other
  • I have found and enjoy common interests with my significant other
  • I enjoy making plans and planning for the future with my significant other
  • When my work day is done I am able to go home and be completely present with my significant other

Are You Living A Balanced Life

Does your life seem stuck or do you find yourself wondering what's missing?

Where Do You Focus Most Of Your Time And Energy


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